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Wine made by cryomaceration - process of fermenting the mash during winemaking at low temperatures. The aim is to preserve and enhance the aromatic profile of the wine. A wine of a yellow-green color, with a distinct fruity aroma tinted with delicate floral and mineral-earthy tones and an impressive honey spice. The taste of the wine is distinctive, full of fruit, with juicy acids and a fruity aftertaste.

Veltlinske Zelene, Kryo 2021

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    • Grape type       : 100% Veltlinske Zelene

    • Producer           : Mrva & Stanko

    • Sugar level        : Dry

    • Year/Vintage     : 2021

    • Alcohol             :12.5%

    • Region              : Malokarpatská, Šenkvice

    • Country             : Slovakia

    • Recommended Temperature : 11-12 °C

    • Allergens : contains sulfites

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