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Wine with deep yellow with a golden hue. Aroma is reminiscent of lemon, cedar, grapefruit, pleasantly rounded off by a gentle aroma of vanilla and fresh bread crust. Full mouthfeel flavour, fresh and balanced. The finish is smooth, with a delicate note of sweet tanins. For serious wine lovers. Wine combines perfectly with refreshing salads, white sea fish dishes, seafood, vegetable risotto and pasta with vegetable sauce.

Rebula 2018

    • Grape type       : 100% Rebula 
    • Producer           : Klet Brda  

    • Sugar level        : Dry

    • Year/Vintage     : 2018

    • Alcohol             : 13,5%

    • Region              : Brda

    • Country             : Slovenia        

    • Recommended Temperature : 12 °C

    • Allergens : contains sulfites

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