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Gift wine tasting experience with VINEWAY’s Red & White Tasting Box, which consists  of 2 white and 3 red wines that come from the unexplored wine regions of Central and Eastern Europe and test your sommelier skills while enjoying these exceptional wines!


Wine Selection

1 x 100 ml Frankovka Modrá 2019 / Winery Mrva & Stanko, Slovakia, red - dry

1 x 100 ml Explicit Cuvé 2018 / Família Rosa Santos, Portugal, red - dry

1 x 100 ml Pinot Noir 2019 / Klet Brda, Slovenia, red - dry

1 x 100 ml Welschriesling 2020 / Kracher, Austria, white - dry

1 x 100 ml Zenit 2021 / Etyeki Kúria, Hungary, white - dry


Each of the wines is unique in its origin, variety or production method and has passed strict evaluation criteria of VINEWAY's sommeliers. Uniqueness and quality are two crucial aspects when choosing our wines. They are brought to qualitative perfection, which is also confirmed by the results of international competitions. In the packages you will find wines awarded with medals from competitions such as Vinalies Internationales in Paris, Concours Mondial de Bruxelles or Decanter World Wine Awards.


The wines are encased in a beautiful gift box, which contains five 100 ml vials made of fine glass. Each tasting package includes a digital tasting that will unveil the origin, the winemaker, and the taste profile of the individual wines. Pour a glass, scan a QR code, and let VINEWAY take care of the rest! In case you fall in love with any of the wines, you’ll find them all on VINEWAY’s website (with a huge discount, of course).

Red & White Wine Box

  • Volume: 500ml (5 x 100ml )

    Height: 23.4 cm

    Weight: 1.0kg

    Contains sulphites.

    Contains alcohol, 12-15%.

  • FREE Shipping on all VINEWAY Boxes

    We ship to following countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Germany, Greece, Italy, Hungary, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain

    Expected delivery time: 3-7 business days

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