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About us

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Growing up in a small wine region of Slovakia and being surrounded by wine culture, we realised the issues winemakers face when attempting to share their product with world beyond their regions and countries. We consider ourselves wine enthusiasts who always seek diversity in the wines we taste, and we believe we are not the only ones.

More than a year ago, we outlined a path and started a project that may change the way we explore, taste, and enjoy wine. The challenges we faced were never easy, but we always persevered. Now, we reached a point, where we can share the path with other explorers and cannot express our excitement to involve you in this story.


Michal   Nehal   Matej

Our mission


The boundless world of wine offers undiscovered tales which are waiting to be told. We realised these hidden treasures needed a platform where winemakers can showcase their mastery which customers can explore from the comfort of their homes. So, we set out on a journey.

"To connect exceptional winemakers from undiscovered regions with explorers who want to discover wine diversity while embracing the uniqueness in their own taste – all in a healthier, digital, and more sustainable way."

The new way – VINEWAY.

Our story

We also feel the responsibility for the regions we proudly introduce to you.
Our goal is to make a difference and support the underfunded wine regions. Therefore, 1% of all purchases goes to our 1% BACK initiative. The initiative aims to provide funding for ideas & projects, supporting the local wine tourism & culture, preservation of vineyards for a more green and sustainable future.

The wine on our tables is highly dependent on the environment it grows in. Therefore, from early-on we strive to make our product ecologically friendly. As a result, the vials we use at VINEWAY require 20% less material per one glass of wine as opposed to 750ml bottle. The 100ml vials as well as the cardboard packaging are both fully recyclable.

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